Board of Directors

Board of Directors —— Board of Directors

Mr. Cheng Li (Chairman)graduated from Liaoning Normal University with a Bachelor degree. He used to serve in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Jiamusi city, and the Association for Science and Technology of Jiamusi from 1996 to 2012. During 2013 to 2015, Mr. Li served as the General Manager and Financial Controller at Dalian Huanyu Venture Capital Co., Ltd, where he engaged in project approvals, financing, investments, and experienced in capital operation. Since 2015, Mr. Li is fully responsible for management of Ionix Technology, Inc as CEO until present.

Mr. Yubao Liu graduated and acquired a Bachelor degree from Harbin University of Science and Technology in 1996, where he majored in Economic Management, and was honorably entitled as a National Economist in 2002. Mr. Liu was awarded as an International Enterprise (IEM) Senior Management Specialist.

Mr.Jialin Liang graduated from Nankai University in 1985 with a major in Microelectronics.  Mr. Liang served as vice general manager of Jilin Zijing Electronics Co., Ltd. from 1997 to 2007, and has served as general manager of Changchun Fangguan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. since 2007.

Mrs. Xuemei Jiang has over 10 years of experience in finance and taxation. Since 2017, she serves as vice general manager of  Changchun Fangguan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Ms. Jiang received her bachelor degree in accounting from Jilin Finance and Taxation College in China.

Mrs. Yongping Wang grasuated from China Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in 1992, majored in Accounting. She was Financial manager of Bihai Villa Hotel during 1992 to 1997. She joined Dalian Daxian Group as manager of Financial Department in 1997. Since 2008, Mrs Wang started her own business - accountant training and practice teaching studio.

Mr. Yongsheng Fu worked in Jiamusi Light Industry Bureau during 1975 to 1989. In the following dacade, Mr. Fu served at Jamusi Tool Factory as vice-factory director, responsible for operation and quality control. From 1999 to 2015, he served as vice director of Jiamusi Electric Heater Factory, mainly responsible for the production and operation. Mr. Fu retired and was appointed as ionix independent director in 2015 .

Mr. Zhenyu Wang graduated from Jiamusi University, majored in accounting. He engaged in marketing work for TCL Corporation from 1998 to 2011. Since 2011, he has worked in LG Group as project manager, mainly engaged in the overall operation of projects. Mr Wang was appointed as independent deirector in 2019.

Xiaolin Wei accquired her Bachelor degree from British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada in 2014, majored in Adfertising and Marketing. Since 2015, she is general manager of Shenzhen Hongbo Fund Management participating in domestic investment and subsequent stage financing, and she became very experienced in the capital fund. Ms Wei was appointed as the independent director in 2020.

Mrs. Liyan Wang, a senior accountant and economic analyst, graduated from Northeast University of Finance and Economics. From 2000 to 2012, she was financial manager of Shanghai Jiaji Express limited.  Since 2012 till now, Ms Wang is the audit manager of China Ping An Life Insurance Dalian Branch. Ws Wang was appointed as the independent director in 2020.

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