Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Cheng Li —— Board Chairman

The Times, entrusts our generation the mission of energy-saving innovation and returning a cerulean sky to our offspring.
2018 has entered a new transformation era and has been running on the road of a new dream. When the curtains of people eagerly pursuing of the blue sky unfolds slowly, we are awakened to the truth that for 30 years facing with the call of the new century, the longing and hoping is becoming reality. Facing the arrival of the new transitional society, we chase the dream that we have made,we feel the great sincerity and reverence. We regard the time as the new guidepost to the path forward, interpreting the Chinese ancient legend "Kuafu racing with the sun" in a new era.
Faced with new opportunities and challenges, we firmly grasp the historical mission and unlimited business opportunities that entrusted by the era of science, technology and information, engrave glory and dreams in the chapter of the new century.
Struggling and fighting in raging tide of the sea of integration of world economy, we are keeping pace with the giants. As the ancient Chinese saying goes “meet on a narrow path Who Dares Wins!”  What we need is to keep a clear mind, give full play to our advantages, innovate and keep pace with the times.
Faster, higher, stronger -- We will bring the vitality of the capital market into full play with new concepts and far-sighted vision, pool resources, firmly believe in the concepts to realize the leap-forward development of high-tech industries, and to lead the way in the domestic and international commercial seas for the blue sea and sky and the revitalization of national industries and the rise of new energy industries!

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