Lisite---Brief Introduction and Leading Business

Lisite Science Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is located in Shenzhen, where is called the City of Design and Industry of China. The main business includes the development of electronic products with lithium battery, the expansion of consumer electronic products and peripherals, the functional extension of peripherals and a series of innovative design applications. Based on the sound and strong production-manufacturing supply chain in Shenzhen, with years of unremitting efforts and improvement, the company has become a professional high-end electonic products manufaturer which with high intelligence lithium battery as the core and sets design, R&D, production as a whole. The company owns a highly professional team of excellent development engineers, It possesses multiple years of experience of R&D and design of software and hardware design and it provides high precision mold development and manufacturing experience, and the company can provide full set solutions from design to prototype production. Start with Product ID design, the company could complete the following series as a whole: product structural design, mold manufacture, technical development, PCBA production, whole machine production assembly one - stop OEM service.Our R&D and manufactured products have acquired a vatiety of certifications and patents, not only being considered as the model of the industrial chain of electronic products, but also have been recognized and praised by the domestic and foreign markets unanimously. In order to provide better services to our OEM clients, as well as answer and fulfil our OEM clients' demand for the production cycle of goods and cost more quickly, the company has also set up a manufacturing center focusing on assembly and production in Wanjiang, Dongguan, and implementes unified procurement and independent operation with innovative management mode. This manufacturing center is mainly oriented to production efficiency, focusing on the the improvment of quality control and production efficiency. As the labor costs in China are rising constantly and the management costs in manufacturing enterprises are increasing, we will complete fully automatic assembly equipment upgrade under the guidance of more cutting-edge innovative sense. In the future, the company is devoted to the development of new products and efficient production management, and together with our OEM clients, working to develop a variety of innovative products to motivate and fulfil the market demand. While providing the most needed and most satisfied electronic products to the customers, the company is providing a broader space for lithium battery terminal applications in industrial chain clusters and one-stop services for customers.

Photos of the company's factory area

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