Baileqi---Brief Introduction and Leading Business

Shenzhen Baileqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, and the company is focusing on development and production of the LCD and module for civil electronic products. With Stable product quality and market share, the company is able to develop rapidly and grow to be the industry leader. In order to develop rapidly, in July 2016, the company jointed the industrial chain group of Ionix Technology, Inc. after being restructured. The company has an area of 3000 square meters for office and storage currently, and owns LCD cutting workshop section, liquid filling workshop section, LCD cleaning and testing workshop section, patch (POL) workshop section, BONGDING workshop section, assembling workshop section, which meet the display production requirements for smart phones, tablets, visual network terminals, security products, baby monitors, industry controls, vehicle on-board electronics,smart home system, railway transits, high-definition projections and other consuming electronics, and its monthly production capacity has reached 200,000 units.

Today, with the rapid development of new energy, high-tech and key parts in the industrial chain are still the key links in the development of enterprises,and cannot be ignored. Mobile phones, televisions, computers and other LCD products bring people full visual enjoyment, and this kind of high-tech electronic products era has gone through a brilliant history and continues. After restructuring, company broadens the vision and invest in R&D power and resources, overcome the simple function of LCD and transform into new energy power and high-end intelligent electronic display marking and control, make the liquid crystal display module (TCM) and liquid crystal display driver module as the main products of high product enterprise. Its products has become key parts of terminal products for new energy industry and become tailor-made special products according to the new energy terminal.Currently, the products of Baileqi have been widely applied to the display and control of electronic operation data for automotive interiors, as well as the feedback of MBS management information of automotive core management system, operation display and control of urban rail transit lithium electricity system, accurate leading-in of monitoring system, high definition projection, medical instruments, electric automatization, communication equipment and essential devices for industrial control electronics, especially match the developing of intelligent robots, UAV application and so on with cutting edge technologies. Their outstanding features of technical contents and economic benefits are superior to other products, which fully demonstrate the advantages and safety of the company's products in the field of professional special display. The company has become a first-class professional manufacturing company of special liquid crystal displays and control and management module systems in China, and will make outstanding contributions to the related supporting facilities of new energy powered vehicles, urban rail transit and high intelligent electronic products.

Photos of the company's factory area

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