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On February 4th 2016, with approval of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in connection with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the company amended its name from "Cambridge Projects Inc." to "Ionix Technology, Inc." (or“IINX”, same as ticker symbol) through restructuring. IINX is focusing on becoming the business aggregator which mainly promote photoelectric display, smart energy and lead industrial technology development since restructuring.  By incorporating fine quality enterprises and innovating forward-looking technologies, the company provides a more optimized green energy solutions.
IINX has established four major production bases up to July of 2018 and it includes two big production bases of photoelectric display products which are Fangguan and Baileqi, and two big new energy high-end equipment production, operation and maintenance bases which are Shizhe and Lisite.

By April 2021, Shijirun (Yixing) Technology Limited and Huixiang Energy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd has completed legal registration, and Shijirun and Huixiang Energy have achieved sales. Newly established companies will develop industrial chain business in the aspect of smart equipment, smart manufacture, advanced energy system, energy internet, energy and EV sharing. IINX plans to establish photovoltaic charge-energy storage system-charge system platform operation company to further improve and advance the process of industrial chain.

Ionix Technology, Inc. has a wide history of product supply covering LCD, OLED, energy storage and power battery systems. It mainly serves the fields of automobile manufacturing, high-end instruments and meters, UAV, mobile communication, intelligent household appliances, artificial intelligence and so on.

Ionix Technology, Inc. will continue to adhere to development path of the high life, high energy density, high safety and low cost of product and make greater contributions for the global environment in the future.

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