Corporate Governance

Senior Management Members

Board Chairman & CEO:Mr.Cheng Li

Joined in company management in 2015

Former General Manager and CFO of Dalian Huanyu Venture Capital Investment, mainly responsible for project approval, financing and investment, accumulated rich experience in high-tech and financing field.

1996-2012, Heilongjiang Province Jiamusi City Industry and Information Ministry, Jiamusi City Science & Technology  Association

Bachelor’s degree of Liaoning Normal University in 1980.


President & Treasurer:Mr. Yan Yang

Bachelor’s Degree in International Finance, graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in 2002

April 2003 to December 2006, served as Finance Department Manager of ICBC Dalian Xigang Sub-branch, mainly responsible for international settlement

March 2007 to October 2016, General Manager of Dalian Huanyu Venture Capital Investment, mainly responsible for financing and investment

October 2016, joined IINX as vice president, mainly responsible for asset reorganization, merger, financing and investment. 


CFO: Ms Kou Yue (CPA)

CFO of the company Since May 27 2016 with more than 20 years experience in statutory audit, international accounting and public company. 

Member of HKSA, ACCA and CICPA.

1996-2002, former chief accountant of Xinmao Technology Holdings Inc, auditor of Beijing Branch of Ernst & Young, mainly responsible for external audit and international accounting conversion. 

Former accounting manager of China Data Broadcasting Holding Co., Ltd, a public company on HKSE

2006 to present, working as auditor and CFO of three audit firms(i) Zhongyi (Hong Kong) CPA Limited, (ii)Thomas Lee & Partners, and (iii)GDT CPA Limited 

Chief Technical Advisor:Dr. George Adamson

Doctor’s degree from MIT majored in Physics and Chemistry, 

Engaged in lithium ion battery technology and energy storage technology research over 30 years. 

R&D Vice President of Valence Technology

Product Development Vice President of Zpower

CTO of EOS Energy Storage;

Rich experience in lithium ion battery, key material, solid-state battery, EV battery, energy storage technology development and large-scale production; 

With more than 50 research papers and patents.

Chief Scientist:Dr. Zheng Junwei

Doctor’s degree from USA Iowa State University of Science and Technology;

Director of National Institute of Power Chemistry for Light Industry;

More than 20-year R&D experience in  energy storage material, synthesis of nanostructures, electrochemical interface design, spectral and electrochemical sensing techniques;   

Rich experience in lithium ion battery anode and cathode material, R&D and preparation of electrolyte and relevant raw material, from small test, pilot test to scale transformation;

Rich experience in applied large-scale energy storage for low cost aluminum battery technology;

Accumulated long-term research and exploration  experience in lithium ion battery nanometer material preparation and battery performance, developed new type lithium ion anode and cathode material preparation, material surface coating technology, interfacial molecular grafting; 

Published more than 150 papers. 

Financial Advisor:Mr. Steve Bellamy

Graduated from Sheffield Hallam University of UK; 

Member of ACCA of England and Welsh

With more than 40-year senior financial management experience, including finance risk control, investment management, investment operation, listing plan, etc;

Served at several banks such as Pacific Capital Bancorp, London Investment Banking;

1998-2004, CFO of Wi-LAN and Blue Casa Communications;

Participated in creating and incubating new energy technology enterprises.

Platform Operation / General Manager :Mr. Li Hongke

Bachelor’s degree, South Australia MBA Chinese Class,  MBA;

Senior administrator of domestic first IOT operation platform company;

20-year enterprise management and operation experience, internet of things commerce operation platform, logistic industry, electron industry, industry and new energy field;

Beijing Dianxiaoer Network Technology established IOT platform  and developed rapidly in major cities across the country, a pioneer in the take-out industry rental platform.

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