Photoelectric Display

With the concept of Internet +, industry 4.0, made in China 2025 and other concepts overturning our traditional understanding of manufacturing industry again and again, when the Internet of Everything becomes the general trend, photoelectric display, as a human-computer interactive window, becomes more and more widely used.The integration of industries created by the Internet is constantly bringing new development opportunities, and the field of Photoelectric Display Field will also undergo fundamental changes.
Entering the 21st century, China's Photoelectric display industry has made amazing achievements. The government has invested a lot of resources and introduced various policies to support scientific and technological innovation. Ionix Technology, Inc. takes advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to choose Chinese market and the field of Photoelectric display, rely on the strong capital strength to make traditional industries and emerging finance promote mutually, to accelerate the integration of China and the world, to aggregate the power of change, to share opportunities and to lighten up the future.

Smart Energy

Looking at the energy development of nowadays, the era of single generation and transmission of power in traditional way is gone for good, we have fully opened the “Internet plus” era of smart energy. The new era puts forward the requirements of cleanness, intelligence, high efficiency and safety and reliability for the development of energy. With the large-scale application of renewable energy and the information technology such as Internet, Internet of things and so on has been constantly maturing, it has become an irreversible trend to develop smart energy vigorously.
Ionix Technology is devoting to promote the global energy transition, and developing affordable, reliableand sustainable future energy for all. With scientific and technological innovation and intelligence, industrial investment, block chain, and other cutting-edge technologies, the company makes contribution to the white clouds and blue sky for mankind and leaves more resources for the future. Smart energy, creates smart future

Lithium Ion Battery Industry

Lithium ion battery represents modern high-performance battery which is widelyappliedto variousindustries suchas EVs,mobile phones, electronic tools and digital cameras, etc. In recent years, the demand for lithium battery has been growing steadily with3C products, the new energy market and energy storage battery need increase continuously, accordingly lithium battery demand will continue to grow, the production scale of domestic lithium battery is gradually expanding.
Ionixwill keepontechnologyinnovation, making technology breakthroughand R & D for materials of lithium battery cathode and cathode, using more functional and less contaminative materials, regarding the market demand as guidance and customers' satisfaction as standard , elaborating, improving and providing customers with high-quality products and services.

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