Huixiang--- Brief Introduction and Leading Business

Huixiang Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is located at Taiping Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. The main business of company includes power and energy storage lithium ion battery R&D, manufacture, sale, rental platform operation, electric vehicle, online car hailing platform operation. The company engages in R&D of next generation advanced battery technologies, manufacture and sales of relevant battery products, including the solid-state rechargeable lithium ion battery for next generation EV and energy storage systems. Also operation of battery packs, battery systems and electric vehicles sharing business with its own internet sharing platform. Huixiang Energy uses the new battery technology of the advanced (including the solid state lithium ion battery) with high safety, fast charging, long cycle life, to solve the problem of safety, endurance mileage, service life and so on for EV charging and usage issues. On this basis, the new energy battery and electric vehicle operation platform are being launched. The company independently develops and researches power batteries and battery packs with safety, environmental protection, super fast charging (12 minutes full charge), long endurance and wide temperature application, under the condition that the battery packs are basically equivalent to the benchmark models in the international market at present, they occupy an overwhelming advantage in the charging time and become more competitive in the market. The company is willing to closely cooperate with foreign and domestic strategic partners, utilizes cutting-edge technology to make the relevant products more safe, more convenient, more durable, more creative and struggles for creating a better future for human life. 

Photos of the company's factory area

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